October 13, 2009

Kitchen Envy

I really wish our house had a bigger kitchen.  When it's finished, it will be very tight on space for storage and moving around.  I also wish we had a little more freedom with options for storage and such.  We will have one wall of mostly appliances and the sink, so we plan to install a peninsula counter so we can have the extra cabinet space.  I would love to have a pantry, but there just isn't room.  Our kitchen will never be anyone's dream kitchen.

All of this doesn't stop me from dreaming of kitchens.  Kitchens that make me want to spend an entire day baking and cooking.  Kitchens that make me want to sleep in them so I never have to leave them.  Kitchens that make me want to try new things.  Kitchens like these:

I love the little breakfast table and the cream cabinets.  The whole look here is very light, airy and slightly country.  I would love to have glass doors on some of our cabinets, too.

And this one feeds my apron-loving, retro-wannabe, stay-at-home wife, happy homemaker fantasies.  That blue is the perfect shade of retro kitchen blue.  And, I adore the open shelving.  The way this kitchen is set up, it reminds me of a 50's diner.  I love it!

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