September 12, 2009

Our upstairs bathroom

What was once this:

Is now this:

Such a big mess for such a tiny little room!

When Chris' dad redid the plumbing, he had to remove the old cast iron tub.  We decided to replace it with a wider, deeper tub, complete with a tube surround so we could also have a shower.  (This bathroom originally lacked one.)

The plumbing also required the replacement of the stink pipe.  The original was also cast iron, and after a few decades of use, this sucker was almost completely clogged with remnants of granny poo.  I seriously don't know how anything she flushed made it down that pipe.

Along with the new plumbing, we had to remove the toilet and vanity sink.  From there, we decided to remove the faux tile paneling and medicine cabinet.  Of course, while we were at it, we had to remove the painted on wallpaper and there residue left behind from the glue holding the paneling.

Who would have guessed the wall would be blue under all of that?  Wonder if it's the same paint they used in the addition?

They sure did love their colors.  

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