September 16, 2009

Baby Blanket Progress!

We've been working late into the night on our house lately.  We really want to get if finished as soon as possible, and there is still a ton (seriously, a whole heck of a lot) of work to do before we can move in.  Our weekday schedule consists of our 45 minute commute, a full day at work, a 45 minute drive back and a quick dinner before we head over the the house and work for 4 or so hours.  Weekend time is split between home improvements and trips to the home improvement store.  I see yard sales everywhere, but have to use all my will power to stay focused on the task at hand and not stop and waste time.  (Although, in my book, a yard sale is never really a waste of time.)

I realized on Sunday that my friend's baby shower is about a month away.  I put a good week in to knitting that baby blanket when I first started, but was not near finishing it.  I found that I can get some solid knitting time in during our daily commute if Chris drives to work.  Just yesterday, I added about 6 inches to the blanket.  Not too shabby!

Here are some photos of my progress.  I'm about three-quarters of the way finished.

This one better shows the seed stitch border and the contrast between the knit and purl stitches.

Right now, I'm in good shape to have this thing finished long before the shower.  Maybe I'll even have time to knit up a matching pair of baby booties!

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