December 9, 2009

Floor Refinishing -- The Sanding

My dad bought a floor sander at an auction for $5 a while back.  He used it to sand down some of the floors in their house, and now we are using it on our hardwood.  With daily rental for one of these babies running at about $85, we are really saving by using my dad's!  And the best part is that we can sand floors when we need/want to and take our time since there's no rush to return.

I purchased the sandpaper from a local equipment rental company.  The heavier grit ran almost $4 a sheet, while the finer grits were between $1-$2.

Dad brought the machine over to tackle the worst floor---our dining room.  If you recall, the floor was carpeted when we bought the house.  When we pulled up the carpet, we found a tile and tar on top of the hardwood.  We chipped it up the best we could, but lots of tar remained.

After two passes with the heaviest grit, our floor started to look much better!

My dad showed Chris how to work the equipment.  He got the hang of it pretty quickly!

And here's my dad changing the sandpaper.  We went through a few sheets just trying to remove the tar.

Clean up!

The results were amazing!

Of course, the sander couldn't reach all the way to the edges, so we will have to rent an edge sander.  But, wow!  Look at the difference!  I am impressed with the results!  It looks so nice and new where we sanded.  We are going to wait until we are finished with all plaster repairs and painting before we stain and varnish the floor.  We would also like to sand the floor in the living room, as well, before we do any finishing.

I'm excited about this!  Looks like our hopes of having beautiful hardwood floors is going to become a reality!  I can't wait to see how it looks once we stain.


  1. Wow...that came out amazing!!

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