August 10, 2009

A little tour

As promised, here are some photos of the inside of our house. These were taken on my iPhone during the home inspection, so I apologize if they aren't very good.

First up: The kitchen.

The kitchen has old, birch base cabinets and metal wall cabinets. All of them are in terrible condition. This will be one of the first things to go when we get our hands on the place. The drawers stick, the metal is rusting and there isn't much cabinet space.

Carpet in the kitchen...lovely, huh?

The living room:

This room is right off the kitchen and is the biggest room in the house. We can't wait to rip up the carpet and see if there are hardwood floors underneath.

Yes, that is a hunter orange accent wall.

The dining room:

This room is small, but should be just fine for Chris and I. We really don't have lots of space for entertaining, so I'm sure it will be a rare occasion to have his and my family there all at once. We will tear up the carpet from this room, too. The paneling on two of the walls will also go. The built-in cabinet was put in to fill a window opening when the addition was added. I kind of like it.

The downstairs bedroom:

I'm not sure if we will ever use this for a bedroom. Most likely, it will serve as an office/TV room. We're not sure what color we will paint it, but I can promise you it won't be this shade of blue! The seller had a love for bright colors. (more examples to come later!)

The upstairs has three bedrooms and one bath.

The master bedroom:

The walls are covered in a yellowish wallpaper, which I'm hoping will be easy to tear down. The hardwood in here is in decent shape, too. There isn't a whole lot of work needed in this room. Patching holes and cracks, painting and having additional electrical outlets are in the plans.

Bedroom #2:

Yikes! This one is scary!

The yellow paint is so bright and the pink-painted trim is a disaster! This was also a very messy paint job. They must not have ever heard of painter's tape since they painted the trim color on the walls and on the vinyl windows. What a mess! We'll have to scrap most of the trim off before we can start painting since it's flaking off. This room is so bright, I think the light is on every time I walk by it.

Bedroom #3:

This is such a small little room. (probably 8'x9'?) It's very hard to get a picture of the whole thing because there isn't much room to move around in there. I'm pretty sure this will serve as extra closet space for us. It might be a good size for a nursery, but there aren't any babies in the works for the two of us right now. The hardwood floor has some damage from the previous owner's pets. This room will also need some electrical work to replace a bad switch and outlet.


There are two in this house and both of them could use some updates. The upstairs bathroom is ripe for gutting. We'll need to replace the plumbing , so the fixtures will have to be removed.

In the downstairs bath, (part of the addition) we will probably just need to re-do the floor and replace the storage unit above the toilet.

So, that's the tour!

Lot's of work, huh? But we see a lot of potential here and through a lot of DIY, we hope to keep the renovations at a reasonable cost.

I can't wait to get started so I can start showing some "after" pictures! We are really looking forward to making this place ours! :-)

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